Selasa, 28 Juli 2009

snow white cakes

just really miss those moment, when i was 5 and 7 years old =)

Rabu, 22 Juli 2009

La dulce boca

La dulce boca que a gustar convida
un humor entre perlas destilado,
y a no invidiar aquel licor sagrado
que a Júpiter ministra el garzón de Ida,

¡amantes! no toquéis si queréis vida:
porque entre un labio y otro colorado
Amor está de su veneno armado,
cual entre flor y flor sierpe escondida.

No os engañen las rosas que al Aurora
diréis que aljofaradas y olorosas
se le cayeron del purpúreo seno.

Manzanas son de Tántalo y no rosas,
que después huyen dél que incitan ahora
y sólo del Amor queda el veneno.

Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

last fri

  • Pra-MOS this is my first plan to meet the new juniors and told em about MOS (Masa Orientasi Siswa)
  • Lunch with Rangga and that was the last day before school (met)
  • Having lunch (again) and meet up with Annisa, Cokgeg, and Nina

Nina's second day in Jakarta minus Cokgeg

Nisa Nina and Me

Cokgeg Nina and Me

we're doing our daily routine with Nina when she in jakarta, eating Sushi Tei and treat Nina for a couple of froyo's haha she'll back to Belgia in July27 huhuhu =(

  • My last is had a gathering with QueenBee mates and this im my first time hehe

very nice to meet them and i had a great time before entering the school again =)

Minggu, 12 Juli 2009

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

"Walt Disney"

Selasa, 07 Juli 2009


welcome home Nina! see you tomorrow baby hihi<3
(hayo girls besok foto kayak begini lagi kita bwakakaka LOL)

Kamis, 02 Juli 2009

Live well

I die tonight!
I try to write this last note...
My sight is blurred.
The pen holds my last might.

Who would really cares anyways?
Each year I have gone around with this frown.
I do not talk.
I walk looking down...
Someone was bound to notice!
I'm dying.

So forget this last letter.
I just hope everyone's better...
Cause I will no longer be here.
I will be where I belong.
I will be in Hell.

Even you tell me that is true,
I always knew that I was hurting you.
I just never knew how much...

So be glad!
Your sad was caused by me...
So for now on...
Live well...
Knowing that I am in Hell!

Rabu, 01 Juli 2009


Charles Andre Comeau or Chuck Comeau or Chuckles
born (17 September 1979) is a French Canadian musician, who is best known as the drummer for pop punk band Simple Plan. He currently uses DW drums and Zildjian cymbals